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D.R. Suzy


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Karla Lant is an adjunct professor at Northern Arizona University. In addition to writing for children she focuses on technical, scientific, and business writing as well as ghostwriting and copywriting.

Lant lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her daughter, Maeve. Maeve is an unschooled kid who loves learning about the true stories of peoples’ lives. For this reason Karla has always been on the lookout for great new biography books for kids. She was thrilled to be able to create some herself.

When she is not busy writing or playing with Maeve, Karla loves to cook, bake, can, and pickle. She loves getting new kitchen gadgets. Her latest culinary passion is baking breads and making laminated pastries.

Karla was born in Phoenix, Arizona in the early 1970s. She is a fourth generation Arizonan. Her great-grandmother, who she knew as “Nana,” was born in a covered wagon in Ruidoso, New Mexico as her family traveled to the territory of Arizona in 1896. Karla’s great-grandfather was the head engineer of the Westward Ho Hotel in downtown Phoenix. Her family has lived in the state since its inception, and Karla has fond memories of her grandmother’s stories about local history.

As a girl Karla was a true bookworm. She loved reading more than almost anything. Growing up in Phoenix she wasn’t a big fan of playing outside because she has always had migraine headaches caused by sun and bright light. Instead, she escaped by reading books indoors.

Some of her favorite books growing up were the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Dune series, the Agatha Christie Poirot mysteries, anything by Stephen King, and many other fiction titles. It was only once she was an adult that Karla really learned to love non-fiction and biographies.

(Karla’s daughter Maeve is just the opposite in many ways. She loves being outside and spends hours playing in the yard almost every day. Non-fiction books are some of her favorites, too, especially stories about real people. Although Karla loved biographies before Maeve was born, Maeve’s love for the true life stories of real people made Karla love them even more.)

In high school Karla spent a lot of her time working, some of her time at coffee houses with friends, and very little time bettering herself or studying. Even so, she made it through school without major problems. Karla was a bit of an underachiever, representing the “C” student category in Academic Decathlon and singing in the advanced choir—when she didn’t oversleep.

Karla went to college in Tucson, Arizona at the University of Arizona. When she started out she was studying molecular and cellular biology and hoped to go into genetic engineering. However, although science has always been one of her first loves, in college she got interested in social issues and activism. She ended her college days studying gender, race, and class studies.

Next Karla moved across the country by herself to Alabama. She was going to continue her studies in graduate school and teach undergraduates there. She got her MA in women’s studies at the University of Alabama in 1996. There she also studied Japanese karate and continued her activist work. She demonstrated for pro-choice causes, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, civil rights, and other issues that mattered to her.

In 1998 Karla moved to New York City. She was going to attend Columbia Law School and was eager to live in the city. She lived in Manhattan until 2002, and although law school was only so-so, those were some of the happiest years of her life because the city is amazing. She still misses living in New York.

After she graduated from law school in 2001, Karla went to work at The Partnership for the Homeless in New York City. She also began her graduate work in medical anthropology at the City University of New York’s Graduate Center.

During those years Karla sang and performed original a cappella songs with Bob Ross Juice Box, a musical theater/comedy a cappella group. Together BRJB created the world’s first a cappella musical, In Transit. The show is still playing in the city and is currently moving to an Off Broadway house.

Karla left New York City at the end of 2002 and by 2003 was practicing indigent criminal defense in Phoenix. During those years she studied biotechnology and genomics at Arizona State University in the LLM program. She continued in that line of work until 2009 when her new daughter was several months old. It was then that she decided she wanted a change, and needed to stay home with her girl.

Since the beginning of 2010 Karla has made her living as a writer, editor, and teacher. She feels exceedingly lucky to be able to earn a living as a creative. Every day she thinks about her good fortune!

Karla is the author of several books:

Andrew Jackson: A Controversial President

General Moses and the Underground Railroad: The Amazing Life of Harriet Tubman

Philosopher of Science: Michael Faraday

Her latest project is a biography of Jany Deng, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, projected release in the fall of 2017.



Rachel McRae has one husband, two sons, a cat named Kepler, and three frogs. She is a former stripper. She is also a former President of her local Mensa chapter. Since learning that a certain type of childhood leads to a certain type of adulthood, she has worked with gifted youth, at-risk youth, and children in crisis. She founded a science museum to connect the people who have the data, with people who want to learn.

Rachel is the author of Daughters of Science: A Memoir, available now on Amazon.

 D.R. Suzy

D.R. Suzy has authored nearly 20 children’s books for varying age groups. She writes part time and spends most of her days exploring the mountains of Northern Arizona.