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Marketing and Administrative

Glass Beaker Publishing started out as a literary company, and moved into video education programming as book stores became scarce. Over time, we kept our small business friendliness and honored our non-fiction roots. We specialize in storytelling, getting out our client’s message to their target market.

How to Get Started


Schedule a DISCOVERY CALL. During this call we will ask about your marketing and administrative needs and see if we would be a good fit for you. We’ll talk strategies for an issue, and determine the fastest path forward.

The get-to-know-you packet. Once we have determined that we are a good fit for each other, we will want to know all about your organization! Who is your target market? What are your social media pages? Do you have a branding guideline and if not, is that something we can help you with?

It’s go time! We set up a schedule, timeline, and expectations.

Our Services

Our Featured Services

We Tell Your Story

Both visually and with written content, we specialize in telling your story to your target market. Whether we are creating a brochure or posts on instagram, we stay on brand and highlight the right message.

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Supporting your Team

Each member of our team cares about the development and support of the individuals on your team. That’s why we offer training, tutorials and walkthroughs on several software platforms, as well as introducing new members of your staff to a seamless integration.

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Your organization is unique, and the methods you use to find new partners and community ties should be, too

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Premium Marketing Development

We’ll brainstorm new and creative ways to get your story, program or products out to new potential clients. Want to promote more exercise for kids aged 6-8 in your community? We can create a magazine targeting that age range and promoting city-wide family programs.

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We’ll let you know of any upcoming holiday special or new video tutorial. Don’t worry about missing it, it’ll come right to your inbox.